Program Overview

Students create the music.


Using various song-building techniques, the teacher guides each student through the creation of a customized music track.

Students create the lyrics.


Students learn the anatomy of a song and practice creating original lyrics through brainstorming and collaboration.

Students perform their song.


Through singing or spoken-word, each student records their original lyrics over their customized music track.

Students create the art.


Each student creates a CD for their song, complete with front and back cover art, photo shoot and artistic design.

Students present their music.


Every student is presented with a CD of their design at the end of each 12-class session.  Their creations will also be posted online to share with friends and family.

Students bring only creativity.


All materials and supplies are included for every class.  All of the musical and lyrical activities are appropriate for grade level and adjusted for student ability.  

Every student can have success and productivity in Songwriting Club.

Program Details

Fall 2018 Session:

Nicholson Elementary

Songwriting Club

Begins Monday, September 10

(12 classes total)

Nicholson Elementary School

Mondays, 2:30 - 3:30pm

Fall Session:  $120/student

Fall 2018 Flyer

Student Projects

Following each session, the students' finished projects are posted online for viewing and sharing.

Listen below to the past student projects from previous sessions of Songwriting Club.

past student projects

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