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After-School at Nicholson Elementary on Mondays (2:30-3:30pm)

First Meeting: Monday, September 10

What is Songwriting Club?

A place where students meet after-school to write songs.

Songwriting Club introduces the craft of songwriting to elementary school students while they create their own compositions over the course of 10 classes.

Students produce the music, lyrics and photos for their project and each student leaves with a finished CD of their own design.  

All materials are provided.

No experience necessary.

Songwriting Club presents an opportunity for creativity and self-confidence to children from Kindergarten to 5th grade.

Class activities are tailored to fit the level and ability of each student, focusing on self-expression and improvement.

Songwriting Club uses singing, recording and lyric writing to support student teamwork and shared responsibility as they work toward a common goal of producing an original song.

Join the club!

We are currently registering after-school students for the Spring 2018 session of Songwriting Club.  

The Fall 2018 session is 12 classes and begins Monday, September 10.