A Quiet Revolution Has Been Taking Place Around The World In The Christian Music Scene
It's About To Get Loud!

"Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music!"
At one time Christians were on the frontline of the arts - innovators, writers, artists, musicians. What happened?!
It's time to take back lost territory for God!

Steve Flashman has been on the Christian Gospel Music Scene for many years. As a Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist, Author, Broadcaster and Preacher he has travelled the world using music and media to communicate God's News!
Steve has written over 150 songs and recorded 100 of them on 10 Gospel Rock Albums.
In June 2012 he launched his NEW Songwriting Club to enable Christian songwriters to
"get their music OUT THERE!"

It’s time to take action!

I love music and songwriting and I have a passion for breaking into enemy territory and taking back what rightfully belongs to God! As a young Baptist Minister many years ago, I was called by God into a music ministry working in schools, colleges, prisons, clubs, pubs, theatres, auditoriums, churches and out on the streets in venues as far apart as the Royal Albert Hall, Wembley Arena, and the Marquee Club in London’s Soho, to bars, clubs and campuses in Europe, South America, USA and Asia. I avoided machete gangs in Bangalore, floods in Calcutta, petrol bombs in Sri Lanka and a near fatal bus crash in the Dominican Republic. I met Mother Teresa, ran with the Rickshaw Pullers of Calcutta, held malnourished children, celebrated life with the Colorado Indians and prayed with the dying. All of this informed my songwriting. The ride was frantic, exciting, scary, mind blowing, terrifying… and incredible. I have now taken those years of experience as a professional singer/songwriter and performer, to put together this 12 Month Songwriting Course and I’ve asked some of my songwriting friends to share their experience too.

Introducing, the Songwriting Club,

A 12 Month, Fixed Term Songwriting Course

Songwriting Club Is A Fixed Term, 12 Month, Songwriting Course for Beginners or Professional Songwriters. If you have always wanted to write a great song, but don’t know where to begin, or, as an experienced songwriter, you are struggling to maintain that ‘creative spark’, then this Content Rich Songwriting Course is for you.

From Day One, you will be introduced to Professional Songwriters who have produced some of the most memorable music on the planet. You will meet songwriters working in the “secular” and the Christian music scene. But they all have one thing in common – a passion to reveal the heart of God and touch the heart and soul of their audience,  because their Christian faith is stamped on the songs they produce.

The Songwriting Club is not about preaching AT people, but about using music, in all its shapes and forms, to connect with people where they are. Whether the music you write is evangelistic, pre-evangelism, prophetic, social comment, entertainment or worship, it can touch the heart and soul of the listeners and introduce them to their Maker.

 All of this content is delivered “sequentially”.

This means that each month of your Membership, your Songwriting Course builds into an indispensable resource library that will go on inspiring, resourcing and informing your songwriting for years to come. The teaching videos, tips & techniques, interviews and resources will be delivered to your Membership Area automatically each month as the Course grows.

 I’m not going to do the big sales pitch!

With all the accumulated experience, resources, techniques, videos and expert advice available in this course, it should sell for at least $97 a month. Today, you get the whole 12 month course for $12.95 US a month. That’s around £8.50 a month if you are living in the UK. Simply hit the SUBSCRIBE  button and SIGN UP right now. Your Credit or Debit Card, or your Paypal Account if you prefer, will be billed just $12.95 (around £8.50UK) each month for 12 months, then the payments will AUTOMATICALLY stop.


Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You can cancel at any time and if you are not completely satisfied when you get “on the inside”, I’m offering a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.




On The Box Mission Reviews

“I know that my visits over the years to aid projects around the world have had a huge impact on my life and I’ve often wished that more people had the chance to see for themselves and to contribute their skills and their energy. On The Box Mission offers a life-changing experience, along with the opportunity to make a difference.”
Sir Cliff Richard

“Steve has a track record that speaks for itself. He has developed a high level of expertise in all aspects of Short Term Service Projects which is probably unparalleled in the UK today. He has a unique contribution to make and I can highly recommend his mission to you.”
Steve Chalke

Album Review: “The Fuse Is Still Burning”

Note: The vinyl version of this album is selling for £19.99 as a collectors item on Ebay!

“This 1986 album sees singer/songwriter Steve Flashman beginning to embrace ’80s keyboard technology and updating his sound. As you’d expect, this is a collection of spiritual, thought provoking material recorded at the height of Steve’s time as a music minister. The album also saw him team up with After The Fire’s John Russell who produced this set. The songs “Private Life”/”Video Boom” were liberated from this set and released as a seven inch single. Both songs coming from the edgier end of the album and “Private Life” has a neat insistent groove whilst “Video Boom” employs a more futuristic sound. Other highlights of the album include the opening pop of “Hit And Run” and the punch of the title cut. Another piece of catchy pop is captured towards the end of the set on “You Stood Me On My Feet” with its worshipful feel. Listening to this 25 years on, it’s definitely of its time and these days Steve is a church minister but there’s plenty to enjoy if you enjoy some retro ’80s sounds or admire strong songwriting”
Mike Rimmer

Album Review: “Icy Hearts”

“Elder readers will recognise Steve’s name as one of the pioneering figures of British rock-gospel over the last decade, yet despite goodish albums down the years on Kingsway and Marshalls nothing prepared us for this, his best recording ever. With a diamond-bright rock production and some incisive song writing which leaps beyond standard evangelical sloganeering this is excellent music which transcends its limited recording budget. Buy this album and support Christian rock gospel.”
Tony Cummings, Music Journalist

Album Review: “Crisis On Broadway”

“Lead guitars, production, engineering and more tasty embellishments – John Russell” says the sleeve and they sure are tasty. Catch the truly scorching guitar work on the opener “Decade” showing that the ex-After The Fire man isn’t ready for his zimmerframe yet. Steve is no slouch either. Despite many other irons in the fire as well as music – evangelism, books, radio -our hero can still write and sing hookey, pop-rock numbers and deliver them with aplomb. I particularly liked “Where Do I Begin” with almost a Lennon/McCartney lilt to the melody while his lyrics are always thought provoking. A man who may never sniff a Dove Award but deserves our recognition and thanks for his services to Britain’s Christian music scene”
Tony Cummings, Music Journalist

Album Review: ”Fighting Back!”

“The notes from Soapbox Music describe this album as ‘a statement of intent to take on the powers of darkness in a lost and fallen world, born out of Steve’s work through Soapbox Expeditions which specialises in taking people of all ages to make a difference in some of the poorest areas of the world.’ A great strength of this album, Steve’s ninth, is his collaboration with the newly formed Warrior, a blend of four experienced musicians and four female backing vocalists. Steve is an innovative and thoughtful songwriter and arranger whose themes bring home the message with a freshness and infectiousness in each song. The 56 mins begin with two in-your-face celebration and praise tracks, then the title track has similar structure to Heartbeat’s “Voice To The Nation” from 11 years ago, exhorting action: “How long will we turn a blind eye in this land?” Two dance tracks,  ”Planet Holly wood” and “Totally Disconnected” follow, without missing out on strong lyrical content. On “Friendly With The Russians” there’s a simplicity in the point: “Love is the key that will set you free/To be all that you’re meant to be.” As a pop album with varied Style, this is outstanding. Among the things I like is the contribution of the four backing vocalists. The strength of their harmony shows particularly in the chorus of the simplest song on the album, “All I Want Is You” and in the reprise of the final song “Warrior Of Love”, which continues, “Fighting for your heart/Challenging resistance, giving a new start/Causing walls to crumble, giants start lo fall/Fear Flies out in terror at the Warrior’s call.” If the band can produce something like this sound at live concerts, they’ll be well worth seeing.”
Alan Chesters, Cross Rhythms

Music Reviews:

“British singer/songwriter Steve Flashman fits right in there with the best UK male solo albums on labels like Myrrh, Dovetail and Grapevine. He’s got a lot of talent helping him out, including Paul Field, Mark Williamson, Chris Eaton and Norman Barratt”

Book Reviews:

“The Theft Of The Purple Plug”

“A few minutes with this book will help to revive those brain cells that many hours in front of the box have tried to kill off!”

“Although I haven’t read it since I was about 13-14 I really enjoyed this book! I was given it by the man himself (Mr Flashman) when he came to sing around my area… Its wonderfully wacky and charming, filled with lots of tension and strange creatures with a psychadelic feel. Its basically a surreal journey book but for morals storyline and a bit of fantasy its great. Thumbsup!”
Review On Amazon Kindle Books

“Rock Music – An Informed View”

“This useful little booklet has been out for ages but missed the Cross Rhythms dragnet. Its concise apologetic against the ‘rock music is from Satan’ brigade within the church and as such is particularly useful as a work to be circulated around local fellowships particularly those that have been bombarded with the misinformation/unbiblical teaching of books like Basilea Schlink’s ‘Rock Music – Where From? Where To’ or John Blanchard’s ‘Pop Goes The Gospel’. In a few brief pages it puts rock music in its proper cultural perspective, examines what the Bible says or does not say, and throws down a pretty radical manifesto for future church involvement in rock music. We could have done with a few paragraphs about the musical origins of much of the big beat of jazz, blues and rock being in Afro American church experience. But this is a small quibble. This is an excellent contribution to the rock debate with the potential to do some damage against the walls of cultural prejudice that still surround parts of the church.”
Cross Rhythms



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Closing The Gap

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